Friday, 20 February 2015

Extraordinary Earthworms

WALT:Retell three interesting facts about worms
In you garden , there could be more then a quarter of a million earthworms!We don't see earth worm very often because the sunlight is harmful to then and they live underground.New Zealand has about two hundred species of earthworms.Did you know that the North Auckland worm can grow up to 1.3 metres long.

Nana's in the Plum Tree

Walt:Find and use relevant parts of text to accurately answer question 

Did you know what a group of bees called? This book is about Nana's in the plum tree Nana is holding a box to catch the bees.When Nana catch's the bee she drop the on the sheet if the queen bee like the hive then the other bees will follow her in the hive.  



Thursday, 19 February 2015

omari creek

Walt:find out information about our community
This is Omaru creek
Omaru creek is a nice place to see duck,eels and little tadpoles.The Omaru creek is right next to GI pools.
We love you to come and see the wonderful duck swimming in the creek  

Monday, 16 February 2015

My Goals for 2015

                                 Walt: Think critically about what we want to achieve this year instructions: 
This is my goal for my learning for 2015.

Friday, 13 February 2015

The white tailed spider

Walt: Share interesting facts we've read about a white tailed spider

Would you ever wanted a white spider as your pet or do you scream when you see one? Remember that if you've been bite and it infects then go to the doctor.Do you think they deserve their bad name?

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Duffy Theatre 2015

What a funny show we had on Monday!!!
The year 1-8 went to see a Duffy theatre in the hall. when we arrived we sat down in our home class’s it was so hot in the hall.When the show started they introduced what there are going to act there was Duffy,sienna and a lady that acted all kind of different characters..

The funniest part of the show was when the garden lady was singing the tink song. I thought that was the funniest Duffy show I had ever been to. The garden lady was in Sienna’s imagination and Duffy thought that she was silly talking to her self. Duffy couldn't see her because the garden lady was in Sienna’s head.

My favorite part was when duffy helped Sienna read her favorite book .She helped Maui catch the sun so they could have more time to fish.My favoite book that sienna read was the dinosaur.   

Have you ever been to a duffy show before if you have then how many have you been to?The Duffy show was wonderful my favorite character was the garden lady.  
I think that the show was a 8/10.It encouraged me to read hard books. Do you like reading books?

Probability - What's in the Bag?

WALT: make predictions, list possible outcomes, assign possibilities to simple events using fractions
This is what we are learning for maths. We have to get a envelope and six cube but you are only allow two colours.With your partner you have to pull out one cube at a time and do it eight time.When your eight turn are finish then you have to sap your envelope with another partner.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

My timetable

Walt: tell the time

You can till if the short hand is the minute and the long hand is the hours.The 3 is Quarter past, the 6 is half past, 9 is Quarter to, and 12 is zero. The different's of am and pm is that am is morning and pm is night time.

Holiday highlight

  Holiday Highlight
Have you been to mission bay? During the school holiday the church and my family went to mission bay to celebrate A.J’s last day.He was leaving for Three years just for a rugby tournament at Australia.

When we arrived our church were playing volley on the grass A.J was having heaps of excitement and joy.I love playing with my friend Anna and Tina in the water fountain during the day.It was a fun night at mission bay.

What was your favourite part?My favourite part was playing with my two best friend’s Tina and Anna.I love to hear about your wonderful holiday highlight.

Walt: For our writing we have to till many detail to make our writing interesting