Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Think - Borad

For this weeks task we are learning about Adding decimals. I have write down 10
question for you to solve.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Saia and Gabriel trip to silicon valley

Last week Gabriel and saia came to talk about their trip to silicon valley in california. Saia and Gabriel had been picked to go to california to explore different apps store such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, stanford university, Twitter, Alcatraz, inflection, apple, yelp, Khan academy,Ideo Instagram and xero.

They went on a tour in a prison called Alcatraz which was the best jail in the world but still is in America. They shut down this prison because three men escaped from jail but they were never found. The prison was surrounded with water which had sharks. People didn’t know if they were dead or alive because they might of been eaten from sharks or survived by swimming to the nearest land. I really want to go and visit Alcatraz because I really Iike to know more about how the prisoner escaped and what they do all day in prison.

Gabriel and saia inspired me to visit around california because it sound really fun since they get to stay in a cool hotel and go to different places in california. They even went to the Golden gate bridge. There message to us is to set a goal and think ahead about it and think if you are doing the right thing so that you can be at your goal. This is also an inspired message to younger kids to set a goal and dream big.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Think - Board

This week's task is about fraction. We have to solve a fraction question using a
strategy to solve it. As you see on my Think board I solve this by using partitioning.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Gymnastics at the Rio Olympic

It’s the final day for the Gymnastic Rio Olympic competition and we are up to two contestant. Who will won and who will lose? Let’s find out!!

The Judges take their seats and the first contestants walk up to start at the platforms. “Her name is Sena and she is 16 year old and she came second place last year and got silver medal.She has been dancing since she was 4 years old and She is representing England but she lives in New Zealand.Her competition is a 14 year old girl who goes to the same school as her and this year is the first time she has been competing in the Rio olympic, Her name is Jolie cathron who has been dancing since she was 2. Wow!! Ok Malaki let get back to Sena. Sena takes her position and start to move by flipping around the mat and lumping up to the handlebar spinning round and round. So far she is doing great says “
( K.C Judges)”. Ehh is falls on he left feet and get back up. She does a cartwheel and these a double flip. That was some nice landing. Know the judges give their score. 6 from Tina, 4 from Malaki, 5 from Juliet and 7 from K.C. The total score is.... 22 points out of 40.

We will be back in 10 minutes!! Now we are back and Jolie has taken the stage. She looks confident and is determined to get gold medal this year. ( Slow music) Jolie spinning on one feet three times and jumping in the air doing the splits.  She start doing a double flip and a cartwheel then she lands really well on a another double flip. Know the Judges give their scores. Malaki 9 , Tina 10, Juliet 8 and K.c 10. That was a great score for Jolie. Now the Total of her score is 37 out of 40. Jolie cartin won the 2016 Rio Olympic medal and is jumping with joy. “This is the first time ever she has entered the Olympic and get Gold all ready.

Know for the contestants to get there awards. In 3rd place is Gemmer Johnson from U.S.A, In 2nd place is ceremony Sena clark from England, In 1st place is Jolie cartin from New Zealand. “Wow taking the Gold medal home these feel Good” ( Speakers) Now for the National Anthem ...
( Anthem)  How is it feel Jolie Cartin to win a Gold medal, well it is amazing even for the first time entering  in the olympic and I thank my couch, my family, friends and Fans for everything. “Do you think you will came again in 2020”? Mmm yes . Okay bye

In the Rio Olympic this year there will be many of countries going and competing other contestants. In this story it is about a girl name Sena who is a bully and a dreamer queen and a Jolie who goes to the same school as her and it’s the first time she enter in an Olympic. This girl Jolie came first place. This is the message to our New Zealander to try there best and go for Gold.


Think board Week 1 Term 3

On week one our task was to solve Fraction problems. I use Multiplication and
Addition to solve these problem. For example 9/12 of 144 = 108. First you have
to find what 12 x ? = 144 which equals 12 , Then 12 x the numerator 9 = 108. 
That is how I get my Answer 108.

Word problem

This weeks task is about Fractions. We are learning to Use prior knowledge
 of fractions to solve the following word problems.  I solved this by using 
my knowledge of fraction to make the numerator and the denominator 
the same.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Why Sleeping is Important?

How much sleep do we need?
Do you know how important sleep is? It really depends on what age you are. The older you are then less sleep you will need. Baby sleep 14-17 hours at night compared to adults they need 7-9 hours a sleep.
Baby almost sleep throughout the whole day!! When we sleep early we wake up refresh but if we sleep really late then you may as well be exhausted and moody throughout the day. Sleep is very important because it can help heal and repair your heart and blood vessels.
What happens to our bodies when we sleep?
When we start to sleep there is a cycle in our body that makes us go into a deep sleep and into a lighter sleep. Once we fell asleep we start to go into a deep sleep then after a while we start to get into a lighter sleep, that”s when we start to dream. Scientist found out when you move your eyes really fast under your eyelids it means you are dreaming. The different between deep sleep and light sleep is deep sleep is a normal and light sleep is when you dream about different imagination.

Tracking 24 hours to tell us when we sleep?
When we sleep we have a clock inside our body, not a really but a clock that tracks 24 hours. This clock helps us to wake up in the daytime and sleep in the night time. Once we travel to another country we have to adjust the time Zone so that we can wake up at the same time in the day and sleep in the night. Sunlight and darkness also allow our bodies to reset themselves to match the new time zone so that we don’t wake up in the night and sleep during the day. This adjustment will take days until the adjustment has been done.

Important step to get a great sleep?
There are plenty of ways to get a great sleep, you can do something relaxing such as reading a book, having a cup of tea or have a warm shower. Turn on the lights as soon as you wake up. Turn off your devices, electronic, games and television before you go to sleep. You can sleep a similar time every night and Avoid bright lights when you go to sleep. Getting enough sleep can help protect your mental health, physical health and safety. Why is sleep important to you?

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Think board Term 3 week 3

This week for math I am working on my Think board. We have been learning about
Fraction. We had to do our own ten question and write a problem story. For example
8/ 12 of 144 = 96. A strategy I use was Part Unknown.

Sleep Sleuths

This week I am learning about a book called " Sleep Sleuths". The message of
the story is important for you to have enough sleep so that you don't have a moody
day or body!

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Rahi and the Patupaiarehe

This is my task for week two, term 3. It is about a story called "Rahi and the
Patupaiarehe". This Reading task is use with the T.O.P.S which mean Title,
Orientation, Problem and Solution.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Think Borad

This is my think board for week 2, Term 3. My maths class room 2 has been
learning about decimals and another way I solved was that I take away the decimal
point and times it like this... 1234 x 7 = 8638. There are 3 number after the decimal
point so 8638 will now be turn into decimal like this 8.638 , because there was three
numbers after the decimal point on the 8638 you have to put the decimal point in the
last three numbers. So that was how I get my Answer: 8.638

Gymnastics Narrative

This is what I am learning about this week. I am  writing a story about Gymnastics
 at the Rio Olympic in 2016. It is the final day of the competition who will won
and who will lose?

Best Mates

This my T.O.P.S about a story called "Best Mates". The orientation is at school
when Mana and Jackson his best friend is eating there lunch. Jackson tells Mana
about his mum getting a new job and that he will be moving. Mana mum was going
to have a baby and mum and dad thought that Jackson can be replaced with a baby
brother or sister but Mana didn't won't a sister or brother to replace his best friend.
Nana come over to Mana house and said that Mana was so stinky. Nana told Mana
about her and her younger brother catching some eels. That made Mana thinnk that
a youger slibing can be a best Mate. That night Mana went to sleep and had a dream
that he was playing Football with he younger brother and his dad. Mana dad was on
the other team and Mana and his younger brother was in a team. Mana  throws the
ball to his little brother and steps his dad a score. What is it like to replace's a friend
with a new sibling?