Thursday, 10 December 2015

PES survivors

Revival survivors from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
This is my animation about how the seals survivors in Antarctic. Seal are really
good at swimming, they are seal animals that are mammals and warm blooded.
Seals have short arm on the side of there bodies. They can handle cold underwater.

End of the year Reflections

This year it was fantastic to be a year 6. I have three teachers which are, Mr Goodwin, Miss Lavakula and Mr Somerville. I come to school to learn because it is fun, I love coming to school everyday. Our team leader for team 4 is Mr Somerville. Mr Goodwin is my home teacher, Mr Somerville is my math teacher and Miss Lavakula is my Literacy teacher.

For this year I started from 8 years old for reading and went up one level to reading at 9. Next year my goal is to improve more of my reading and read harder books during the holidays. I would try my best to reach 4 more levels up. Reading has help me to spell and learn new words. Reading is my second favourite subject.

Writing for this year was fun, I got to writing about the amazing year 6 camp to Kawau, the chocolate game and the blindfold game.  What I have been learning about is  to write interesting paragraphs for the audience to be interested in. For the years 6 we have to write six to eight paragraphs. In each paragraph we have to write about 1 main idea and use punctuation in our paragraph. During the term we learnt about recount, recount is retelling what you have just done.  

I love math!! Math is my favourite subject. I like doing xtramath and math whizz on my Chromebook. In my first report I was well above. I hope I have improve progress. I have Mr Somerville as my math teacher. He is fun to learn with and funny. He has made me learn new math problems. I enjoy math and always have fun with it. This year’s math has made me even more better then last year. Math is the best!

What I liked the most was trade and enterprise. We got in business group and made different products. Yvonne, Lani and Vinolia were my business partners. We made products out of loom bands. They cost 50 pieces and 20 pieces.The best part was buying from other shops. We sold all of our products and made a lot of Pts. It was over 55 pt. There were 6 groups. We even had auction that we could trade our pts in for real staff.  Also we had our own online bank to keep our Pts safe. Trading can be fun. Just so you know the red one is 20 pieces, the white is 50 pieces, the blue is 1 pt and the green one is 2 pts .

This year was the  BEST year ever. I even made new friend and new teachers. We had a three room class with three teacher. They were awesome! I hope to reach all my goals next year and make more progress.  I am looking forward for school next year.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Year 6 camp to bentzon

Have you been to Kawau Island? The year 6 campers went to Kawau island on the 17th of November. Every year the year 6’s go camp at Kawau Island. We stay there for 4 days and 3 nights.

Day 1:
On the first day of camp it was exciting. We all meet in the hall around  7:00pm.The teams were called Kat's, Kawau, Bentzon and mention. First we went on a long ride on the bus and loaded our  bags on. Once the bus had stop at sandpit we had a little break before we went on the ferry. We had our morning tea and then made a line to carry the bags from the bus to the ferry. When we get on, we went up stairs so we can sit on top of the ferry.

When we arrived to Kawau Island we lift all the bags on the deck then we went for a long walk up steep hills and killer hill. Before we get half way my legs started to get tried. We stop at this big hill of rocks so Hendrix can says his speak. This rock hill his been growing since. Once he had finished his speaks we take another long walk until we stop at this big field near the sea. We played there and eat our lunch there. It take 30 minutes until we get back to the cabins. Some games we had played was bulrush and throw the farthers in the water.

Day 2:
I was in Yvonne, Venetia, Lani and Rosalina cabin. We had a five beds cabin and one cupboard .When I wake up Yvonne and Venetia were fast asleep, the other two were talking with me. It was the first day of the actives and my team Kawua  went bivouacking.  bivouacking is building a houses with your team. We went off and started looking for some wood and leaf to cover the house. We collected all the wood and leaf we need and build our house. It was halfway finished so we collected more and more wood and leaf. We added more wood on the house and we were done.Then we went to our next actives as time went past it was morning tea.

When I woke up it was early and it was my 11th birthday. They song happy birthday to me at breakfast time.Plus it was concert night .During that night some people won some award. We all finished our item and it was time for the judges to announce the winners. The winning team was mention. My team come 3rd places which was great.

Last day
We eat our last breakfast and went off to brush our teeth. We clean our room and put up our beds. We play a little actives before we went. When the fairy arrived we loaded our bags on the fairy and said goodbye to peter and Erin which are the owner of the camp.

We had fun on the last day and I hope to stay there for a little more days. The best part of all was sleeping with my friend, playing with my classmate and doing no work. Also I learn how to do thing that I don't know how to do such as sailing and being a leader for my team. I was glad coming back to see my family but I would rather stay at kawau Island with my friends and teacher.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Unwanted Visitors

WALT: Read and understand facts about wasps
I have been learning about wasp. There are insects that are omnivorous. Omnivorous
are insects or Animals that eat plants, fruit and veges. They make there house out
of paper from decks, buildings, tree and woods. They have dangerous stinger that
can infect peoples body or skin.