Friday, 28 March 2014

Why should you learn to swim?

Why should you learn to swim?

Do you know how to swim ?This is how you can survive in water and save other people .Be safe in the water and when you are swimming you have to be careful that you don’t drown.

Some day you and your family might go  to the swimming  pool and your little sister went in without asking and drowned and you have to go in to save  her .If you see your friend far in  the deep pool you can go and grab her out so she or he can be safe .When you are in the Olympics you might want to come first and win the gold medal.

Group 1,2,and 3 start with a warm up in the beginning to keep healthy. We even kick our legs when we are swimming and move our arms to warm up to. Health is when you are fit in the water and you are doing litter fast kick.

When you have no swimming togs you you have to miss out on all of the fun in the pool and you have to sit with the teacher and watch the class swim. They might be doing your best swimming lesson and you might be swimming in the pool right now.When your class has finished swimming and you may be feeling sad.

You might be doing swimming  in the Olympics and you  competing other Olympics
people and you want to come fist and win the medal.You might be doing arm circles and come 3rd .If you are doing the freestyle you have to put your hand on the board and swim down to the island.

Can you swim 35m?

My usage gold Award and My improvement Award

My usage gold Award and My improvement Award

Hansel and Gretel's Journey Map 1

Hansel and Gretel's Journey Map 1

Thursday, 20 March 2014

The year Five and Six Camp

Did you see us camping on the field ? Last week the year Five and Six had lot of fun camping. For the group I was in the care bears and our captains were Brooklyn and Zane.

The  activity I mostly like at camp was cooking with Mrs Jarman and making  delicious chocolate chip cookies. We had a turn at a time and I was putting the chocolate chip in and Shalya was mixing it and Brooklyn was taking some photos. After mixing, Brooklyn put the cup of sugar in and it was lot of thing to put inside the big bowl we were doing lots of teamwork  together. Mrs Jarman was a great cooking teacher.

The best  Game I like was top town because we were competing against caring. When we start the game we all race to the blood to get across the screaming eels. After going across the screaming eels we got onto the zone place and the teacher look at us if we step out  and they will take point of  our team we start to pick up water balloon and start the water fight .

I want to be in a tent again because it lot of fun sleeping with Seini,Talita and me.It was so freezing in the night I went under my sleeping bag. We heard coughing in the middle of the night  and it was making us wake up.

On the last day of camp we went to Mangere Pools. There was  a bombing pool and a diving pool.  I liked the  diving pool when I got in it was so cold  I started swimming around.There was a silde and I got in. Then it was my turn to go in I put my board down and slid.It was and awesome day we had.Then we all have to go so we what in to three bus. I was sad because camp was ending.

Next year I am looking forward to  go to my second camp. In 2015 I want   to be  picked to be a captain.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

About out camp

Have you been in a tent? on the fist day of camp we played fun game we all had a group name  All-star ,caring ,carebear and other cool teams.Some game we played was called got lot it like amazing race .We had lot and lot of fun.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Identifying Fractions

My Identifying Fractions learning

My Vocabulary

My vocabulary -pohutukawa's learning.

The year six and five camp

Have you ever been to a at camp at school? This Wednesday  the year Five and Six students are going have to have camp. We get to  sleep in a tent and play fun activities.

I have been looking forward to camp cooking because it going to be my first time cooking yummy food. It is going to be lot and lot of fun cooking. It is going to be awesome at camp.

Keep checking back for information.   

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Order numbers 0–1000

This is what i have been doing in math putting the numbers in order .

Pohutukawa tree

I have drarn a photo of a pohutukawa tree and it's special to many Maori.        

A life cycle of a frog

Do you know that tadpoles tails disappear? Well let me tell you the four stages it start as a little egg sticky with jelly so it protects it. Then the tadpole turns into a froglet, and  finally it a adult.

The four stages in the life cycle start a egg or you call it a  spawn. After day It turns into a tadpole  all tadpole has  tail  and gills it need gills so it can breathe.

Then it turn into a froglet but it still needs it’s tail because it not a big frog.

Now its a big adult frog and it doesn't need its tail and it now can live on land.

froglet 26 12 2010 2.JPG