Thursday, 24 July 2014

Chicken olympics

One day Ella and Ruby want to do a chicken Olympic.They had only three hen and they are doing speed pecking ,who set on the head the longest.There medal where made out of bread.They like to put it  inside of them.

My Holiday Highlight

Wow! What a wonderful holiday I had.
I was having a great day at my cousins house because we got to relax and watch some cool movie. One of the movies we watched was Bring it on and they got to wear pretty clothes.

This movie is about cheerleader who competed with other teams and they had a boy and girl in it. I wish I could be a cheerleader when I grow up because it is fun to be one. My favorite team is the red group because they  tried their best.

When they started competing in the final, only four team passed. The team who came first was green second place was the red and third was the black team. My favorite part was when they were competing. What did you do in your holiday?   

Jumping cheerleader