Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Wedding

What did you do in the holiday? Well in the school holiday we had a wedding at our church.

First the bridesmaids walk toward the stage after the bridesmaid the ring boy followed the bridesmaid at last the wedding girl followed behind.

Me and my best friend Ana was taking photo of the wedding girl and the wedding boy. Ana Was My best friend in the church she is a nice friend to me and she is friendly. “I think that the bridesmaids dress is so pretty” I said to Ana.

When they got on the stage they have to sit down on the chair . Then they had to stand up and face to each other and put on the ring.

When the wedding was  over we went in the car and went to Valentines in Manukau. We started to get our food and eat it up. I was sitting beside my friend Ana. “Hey Ana the fish is yummy I feel like getting some more” I said. Thn the wedding boy and wedding girl start cutting the chocolate cake.

Where do you go in the fun holiday?
The best part of the day was when we got to Valentines the place look really pretty and clean. Hope to see your great work and me what you done on the holiday.

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